Distributed Digest: Wednesday, March 13, 2019

SpankChain updates its roadmap, Dappi is a new tool to create smart contract interfaces, and MakerDAO encourages individuals to donate cryptocurrency on Pi Day.

SpankChain Pushing Button

SpankChain yesterday published an updated roadmap for 2019 moving forward. The team’s current focus is to launch the SpankPay software development kit.

By March’s end, SpankChain aims to release a JavaScript library for the SpankPay button to allow merchants to incorporate a cryptocurrency payment option on their platforms, a minimum viable version of an analytics dashboard for merchants, and developer documentation. Later, the team intends to upgrade SpankPay so that it can become a “PayPal for porn.”

Dappi Interfaces

A new Ethereum developer tool called Dappi was recently released into the wild. With Dappi, individuals can create EDCC (aka smart contract) interfaces, whether that be an embeddable widget or a full-fledged UI.

Dappi’s interface-creation process occurs in three steps: choosing or pasting a smart contract, selecting and predefining its functions, and then customizing its appearance. With the link generated from Dappi, a user can embed the interface on a website, a blog post, a livestream video, or practically anywhere else on the web.

The Dappi tool is free to use. Interested users can join the wait list.


For this year’s Pi Day on Thursday, March 14, MakerDAO encourages the community to celebrate by donating Dai, xDai, ETH, or other supported ERC20 tokens to charity via the @SendCrypto bot on Twitter. The donation process takes the form of a simple tweet, for example, “@SendCrypto @EFF $3.14.”

Further, Maker plans to match donations up to the first three thresholds – $3.14, $31.41, and $314.15 – of pi. For instance, if a charity reaches the $314.15 level, Maker will donate the sum of all three thresholds, which is $348.70, to the charity.

More details about Maker’s #PiDai celebration can be found on the team’s blog.

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